TWK - Test- und Weiterbildungszentrum Wärmepumpen und Kältetechnik GmbH

Range of services

The testing facility of the TWK GmbH conducts tests and performance analysis. Various test benches allow individual measurements of components inside the refrigeration cycle with compression cooling units. It is possible to analyse air and liquid exposed heat exchangers, compressors, line components such as expansion valves, liquid separators, dryers and hose lines. This can include not only performance analysis but also evaluation of component specific properties. For example pressure loss, temperature profiles, condensate drainage, condensate carriage and oil transport.

Additionally it is possible to analyse complete systems, especially for cars, busses and railway vehicles regarding their performance. Also investigating the operating behaviour with open or electrical powered compressors is in the range of possibilities. While checking on the cooling and heating mode, environmental temperatures can range from -20 up to 60 °C. Missing components for operating the prototypes such as power transmissions, frequency converter or additional loads, for example heat loss of batteries or fuel cells, can be provided by us.

On an area of about 700 m² you will find not only standard test benches but also custom test rigs if necessary. For these cases we have component assemblies on hold, like power units, calorimeters, sub cooler, superheater and condensing units which can be combined as needed.

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