Basics of Automotive A/C-Systems

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  • fundamental thermodynamics
  • operational principles of automotive A/C-systems
  • pressure, temperature
  • superheat, subcooling
  • components of the A/C-system and operating principles
    • compressor
    • evaporator
    • condenser
    • expansion device
  • exercise: dynamics of the refrigerant cycle

Objective target

  • Introduction to basics (theory and practice) of refrigeration engineering
  • The construction and function of the components of a refrigeration cycle in automotive A/C-systems is advertised
  • Understanding of the functionality and the operating performance of the air-conditioning system under different service conditions

Target group

The course is addressed to master craftsmen, technicians and engineers, e. g. with the justification on engine construction or process engineering, who will be employed as professionals and entrants respectively in automotive air-conditioning. The course is also focused to employees in the range of construction, quality assurance, application and examination procedures. In the context of this course, the compression refrigeration system is concerned practice oriented in the special application of the automotive refrigeration system.

Image 1:

Laboratory Exercise: Dynamics of the refrigerant cycle

Image 2:

Charge determination at an A/C-System


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