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Electric and hybrid vehicle HVAC systems

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08.12. (KW 49/2023)

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  • requirements for the thermal management of the battery
  • integration of battery cooling into the cooling system of the vehicle
    • air cooling
    • liquid cooling (chiller)
    • refrigerant cooling
    • peltier element
  • electric compressors
  • interior heating options
    • heat pump operation of the air-conditioning system
    • ptc (air, water circuit)
    • fuel auxiliary heater
  • system variants

Objective target

  • information on the requirements of the battery for the thermal management of the vehicle
  • information about electrically driven refrigerant compressors
  • knowledge about system variants for battery cooling and passenger compartment temperature control

Target group

The course is addressed to master craftsmen, technicians and engineers, e. g. with the justification on engine construction or process engineering, who will be employed as professionals and entrants respectively in automotive air-conditioning. The course is also focused to employees in the range of construction, quality assurance, application and examination procedures. In the context of this course, the compression refrigeration system is concerned practice oriented in the special application of the automotive refrigeration system.


Knowledge of the refrigeration technology is required (see PFBA or OFBA).


1 day, 9 am – 4:30 pm


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KW/Jahr: 49/2023
Datum: 08.12.
Preis: 720,- €
Alle Plätze sind belegt.

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