Basics of Refrigeration


  • fundamental thermodynamics
  • pressure, temperature
  • operational principles of refrigeration circuits
  • superheat, subcooling
  • structure and function of the main components
    • evaporator
    • condenser
    • expansion device
    • compressor
  • laboratory exercises using small refrigeration systems
  • typical operation conditions


  • Introduction of the (theoretical and practical) basics of refrigeration technology
  • Becoming acquainted with the structure and the function of the main components of a refrigerant cycle in refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps
  • Understanding the function and the operating behavior of the refrigeration machine at different operating conditions

Target group

Prospective practically working personnel of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology as well as prospective technicians and specialized staff in craftsman´s establishments certified by the German chamber, in trade and industry as well as in authorities and offices which will in future be responsible of the operation of compression refrigeration systems for the cooling and for the use in heat pumps (in particular with small and medium performance).

Image 1:

Laboratory Exercise: Expansion Valve

Image 2:

Denny Leinhas, TWK, Trainer at a laboratory exercise


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15 / 2020

06. - 07.04.

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